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US intelligence helping Ukraine reportedly kill Russian generals

Russia Ukraine WarUS intelligence helping Ukraine reportedly kill Russian generals

Washington (The Times Groupe)- US President Joe Biden is due to speak to G7 leaders about new sanctions against Russia after Russia violates Finnish airspace for the second time.

U.S. officials have reportedly provided Ukraine with details about Russia’s whereabouts and present location. Ukraine reportedly used the information to conduct artillery attacks that killed Russian generals.

According to reports, US officials have provided intelligence that has helped Ukrainian forces target and kill many of the Russian generals who have died in the Ukraine conflict.

According to the New York Times, unnamed defence officials claim the US is supplying actionable intelligence in real time to the Ukrainian military in order to help it select high-value targets.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby acknowledged the US is providing Ukraine with intelligence it can use to defend itself, but Adrienne Watson, a national security council spokesperson, said intelligence was not provided with the intent of killing Russian generals.

In addition to the $20bn (£16bn) in promised weapons Washington has promised to Ukraine, the US intelligence assistance in getting Russian forces under control is a further escalation in what is increasingly becoming a proxy war between the US, with its western allies, and Russian forces in Ukraine.

Several European officials expressed concern about the claims. “We need to be very careful about the information we are briefing, for two reasons: to protect the operation on the ground, and to avoid going to war with Russia,” one official said.

In the opinion of another expert on the subject, the claim was false. “I do not think the information in the New York Times about the targeting of Russian generals is accurate,” the official said. “The reason Ukrainian forces have been able to target Russian generals is that the Russians implement former Soviet Union doctrines. Once the Russian troops are on the ground, the Ukrainians know which area they need to target.”

According to some reports, a top-down decision-making tradition in the Russian military, coupled with a failure of the army’s secure communications systems, has forced generals to come directly to the front, putting them in the line of fire.

On Thursday, the Kremlin acknowledged that the US, Britain, and other Nato countries were continuously feeding intelligence to Ukraine’s military and that this would not stop Russia from achieving its objectives.

Moscow has already said it would target western arms shipments entering Ukraine, but it also threatened a “lightning fast” response after UK defence minister James Heappey defended Ukraine striking targets inside Russia.

According to US officials, Washington shared with Ukraine information on Russian troop movements, as well as the location and other details about Russia’s mobile military headquarters, and Ukraine combined that information with its own intelligence to carry out artillery strikes and other attacks that killed Russian officers.

According to Ukrainian officials, they killed about 12 Russian generals on the battlefield. Maj. Gen. Andrei Simonov, a Russian electronic warfare commander, was reportedly killed by Ukraine near the city of Izyum in the Kharkiv region, which is occupied by Russian forces, at the weekend.

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