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Un’s Sister Threatens South Korea With Nuclear Strike

PoliticsUn’s Sister Threatens South Korea With Nuclear Strike

Pyongyang (Times Of Ocean)- Kim Jong Un, North Korea leader’s influential sister Kim Yo Jong had threatened South Korea with nuclear retaliation if it tried to attack in an apparent attempt to justify future provocations to challenge the hawkish new president soon to take office. Kim Jong Un

If South Korea opts for a military confrontation with us, Kim Yo Jong says, our nuclear combat force will have to perform its duties, the Korean Central News Agency reported Tuesday. The younger Kim issued her second warning in the last 48 hours, after denouncing defense minister Suh Wook as “senseless and scum-like.”

The state-controlled Korean Central News Agency reports that Kim called South Korean defense minister Suh Wook’s remarks about Seoul’s ability to conduct “pre-emptive” strikes and labeling North Korea as the “enemy” a “very big mistake.”.

According to her, North Korea opposes war and the primary purpose of its nuclear weapons is to prevent conflict.

Kim warned that Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons would be used to “eliminate” the enemy’s armed forces if it faces an attack.

As one of the most powerful people in her brother’s regime, Kim added that Suh’s “abrupt bluffing” showed that Seoul was “frightened.”

According to Suh, South Korea’s military possesses a wide array of missiles that have increased range, accuracy, and power for making quick military strikes against North Korea.

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