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Friday, February 3, 2023

Zelensky: Blood money being paid for Russian oil

Russia Ukraine WarZelensky: Blood money being paid for Russian oil

London (Times Of Ocean)- The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has accused European countries that continue to buy Russian oil of “earning their money through the blood of other people”.

In an interview with BBC, Zelensky blamed Germany and Hungary for blocking efforts to embargo energy sales, from which he believes Russia could make up to £250bn ($326bn) this year.

Berlin has supported some sanctions against Russia but has not yet been forthcoming with tougher action on oil sales, causing frustration among Ukraine’s leadership.

“Some of our friends and partners understand that it is a different time now, that it is no longer an issue of business and money,” Zelensky told the BBC from his situation room in Kyiv on Thursday. “That it is an issue of survival.”

Ukraine isn’t receiving weapons quickly enough to defend itself from Russia’s aggression, he stated.

“The United States, the United Kingdom, some European countries – they are trying to help and are helping,” Zelensky said. “But still we need it sooner, sooner and faster. The key word is now.”

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