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Ukraine troops ‘outnumbered Russia’s 8 times’ in counterattack

VideosUkraine troops ‘outnumbered Russia’s 8 times’ in counterattack

Ukrainian forces outnumbered Russian troops by eight times during the rapid Ukrainian counteroffensive in the northeastern Kharkiv region, a Russian-installed official said.
Russian shelling has again cut off power and water supplies to Kharkiv, the mayor of Ukraine’s second-largest city has said.
Earlier, Kharkiv’s regional governor had said 80 percent of power in the city had been restored following Russian shelling on Sunday, which followed a large Ukrainian counteroffensive to recapture territory in the area.

Al Jazeera’s Hanna Shelest is the Security Studies Director at the think-tank Ukrainian Prism.
She join us from Athens to discuss the latest updates.

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The White House has promised to keep up support for Ukraine as Kyiv’s troops press ahead with a multipronged counteroffensive aimed at recapturing territory seized by Russia.

“We’ll leave it to Ukraine to describe their operations but it is clear they are fighting hard to take back territory,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters.

“We will continue to support Ukraine as they continue to defend their democracy against Russian aggression,” she added.


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