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Sunday, September 25, 2022

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House DOUBLES Ukraine Aid To $13.6B, ABANDONS Social Programs

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave discuss the $1.5T spending package passed by the House last night. About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning...

Deutsche Bank Bucks Trend As It Keeps Ties With Russia

London (Times Of Ocean)- The Deutsche bank said it would not withdraw completely from Russia, angering investors and in contrast to Wall Street banks...

Kim Iversen Debunks FAKE Russia-Ukraine War Videos Spread Widely On Social Media

Kim Iversen breaks down what's true and what's false about Russia's invasion of Ukraine. About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning show with bipartisan hosts...

Social media users documenting Russian troop buildup near Ukraine border

Social media and publicly available satellite pictures are being used to track the movement of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine. Posts from...

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