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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Tag: Sanctions On Russia

UK sanctions Russian airlines to prevent them selling landing slots

London (The Times Groupe)- The British government today announced new sanctions against the Russian airline sector to prevent state-owned Aeroflot, Ural Airlines and Rossiya Airlines from selling unused landing slots at British airports.

New EU sanctions to hit Russian oil, target more banks

Brussels (The Times Groupe)- The European Union will slap new sanctions on Russia for waging war against Ukraine, targeting its oil industry, more Russian banks, and those responsible for misinformation, the EU's top diplomat said Tuesday.

Japan expels 8 Russian diplomats, condemns war in Ukraine

Tokyo (Times Of Ocean)- The Japanese government on Friday expelled eight Russian diplomats after Russia killed civilians in Ukraine, a rare move.

Unprecedented American Sanctions On Russia

The sanctions the United States and its European allies have imposed on Russia, which now include an American ban on Russian energy imports, are the most...

How Sanctions Are Pinning Down Russian Economy

NPR- Last week, the head of Russia's central bank, Elvira Nabiullina, walked up to a microphone to the sound of cameras snapping. She had...

Ukraine supporters in DC demand harsher sanctions on Russia

Hundreds of Ukraine supporters gathered outside the White House on Thursday calling on President Biden to impose tougher sanctions on Russia. #FoxNews Read more here:...

Tucker: This is what we should be worried about

Fox News host reacts to Russia waging war on Ukraine on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #FoxNews #Tucker Subscribe to Fox News! https://bit.ly/2vaBUvAS Watch more Fox News Video:...

Western nations hit back with sanctions for Russia's Ukraine actions

Responding swiftly to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order sending troops to separatist-held regions of eastern Ukraine, western leaders hit back with a tranche...

'The Five' reacts to the 'danger in the air' as Russia-Ukraine tension rises

'The Five' gives their take on Biden's response to the increasing fears of Russia invading Ukraine. #FoxNews #TheFive Subscribe to Fox News! https://bit.ly/2vaBUvAS Watch more Fox...

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