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Young Ukrainians volunteer to help rebuild destroyed homes

Most of Ukraine's money is going to fund its war effort against Russia, leaving little to rebuild destroyed homes. That is where a group of...

What does Russia's naval strategy mean? | Inside Story

President Vladimir Putin has announced his planned expansion of Russia's naval power, singling out the U.S. as the biggest obstacle. Putin signed a...

Gen. Keane on Ukraine War: This took far too long

Fox News senior strategic analyst General Jack Keane unpacks developments in the Ukraine war as the U.S. sends Ukraine advanced rocket systems. #FoxNews Subscribe to...

Ukrainian president warns of costs of prolonged war with Russia

Kyiv (The Times Groupe)- Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned on Tuesday that the more Russia fights against his country, the more expensive it will...

Twenty Years of Putin Playing the West in 3 Minutes | NYT Opinion

Vladimir Putin, especially these days, is widely reviled. To some he’s a war criminal, to others he’s a dictator, and to many he’s simply...

Mitt Romney OPENLY Calls For NUCLEAR RETALIATION Against Russia In HAWKISH NYT Op-Ed: Ryan & Robby

Robby Soave and Ryan Grim detail Ukraine updates, like Senator Mitt Romney calling on the U.S. to get serious about nuclear war with Russia,...

Russia stops natural gas delivery to Finland

World (The Times Groupe)- In a high inflationary environment, the decline that began in November last year in the crypto money market has continued.

Russia to shut off gas to Finland from Saturday: Gasum

Helsinki (The Times Groupe)- Russia may have made its first retaliatory move against Finland after Helsinki officially applied to join NATO.

Keane: Putin wants to drag out the war, create fatigue in Ukraine

Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane provides analysis of a British intel report that Russia has likely lost one-third of its troops...

Russia to suspend electricity supply to Finland

Moscow (The Times Groupe)- The Russian energy supplier RAO Nordic announces is will suspend deliveries of electricity to Finland from Saturday due to an issue with payments.

Daniel Davis: Sending MORE Weapons Is NOT Helping Ukraine

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis discusses Congress' latest action on Russia-Ukraine, including another $150 million spending bill. About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning show...

Putin defends Ukraine war in Victory Day speech

Moscow (The Times Groupe) - Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated his baseless accusation that the West left him with no choice but to invade Ukraine on Russia's annual Victory Day. Few clues were offered about the direction of the conflict, and air shows were canceled.

Russian TV shows simulation of Britain and Ireland wiped out by a nuke

Latvia (The Times Groupe)- A Russian propagandist threatened Britain twice with annihilation by nuclear strike on his popular show on Sunday - once by air and once by sea - escalating the war of words against Britain over its pledge to oust Russian forces from Ukraine.

Mariupol steel plant siege: Ukraine accuses Russia of violating ceasefire

Ukrainian officials are accusing Russian forces of resuming their attack on the besieged steel plant in Mariupol, where civilians are trapped. Russia has denied this. Moscow,...

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