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Monday, March 27, 2023

Tag: Moskva

US provided intel that helped Ukraine target Russian warship

When Ukraine successfully targeted Russia's prized warship last month with anti-ship cruise missiles, it had some help from the United States. Ukrainian forces, having...

Conflicting accounts over sinking of Russia's flagship Moskva

There are still conflicting stories about what happened to the flagship of Russia's Black Sea Fleet - the Moskva. Ukraine says its missiles hit the...

Russia retaliates as explosions heard in Kyiv after warship sinks

Kyiv (Times Of Ocean)- Ukraine's government said on Friday the country was attempting to break the Russians' siege of Mariupol, with fighting raging around Illich Steel Works and the city's port, as explosions shook the capital Kyiv.

Ukraine claims its missile sank Russian warship in Black Sea

Ukraine is taking responsibility for sinking a Russian warship in the Black Sea with a missile. Russia has acknowledged the Moskva has sunk but...

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