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Iran preparing to provide Russia with drones, White House says

CNN's Fareed Zakaria and professor Vali Nasr discuss Iran's support for Russia amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine. #CNN #News source

Russia supplies arms to Armenia via Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran

Baku (Times Of Ocean)- Azerbaijan's president Ilham Aliyev claimed on Friday that Russian weapons were transported to Armenia via Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Iran during the second Nagorno-Karabakh war in 2020.

Talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia held in Baghdad

Tehran (Times Of Ocean)-  Saudi Arabia and Iran have held their fifth round of direct talks in Baghdad, a source close to Iranian security forces has confirmed.

Israeli warships practice refueling from US tanker in Red Sea

Tel Aviv (Times Of Ocean)- In the largest joint naval exercise in recent years, Israeli missile boats refueled from an American tanker in the Red Sea, expanding the Israeli navy's "operational range and abilities," the Israeli Defense Forces announced Tuesday.

Saudi Arabia blacklists 25 people, entities over Yemen financing

Riyadh (Times Of Ocean)- Saudi Arabia listed 25 people and entities with different nationalities on its terrorism list on Thursday, citing allegations they are involved in funding Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi movement.

Iran strikes Iraq target over gas talks involving Israel

Baghdad (Times Of Ocean)- An emerging plan to supply gas to Turkey and Europe from Kurdistan, with Israeli help, angered Iran enough to strike the Kurdish capital Erbil with ballistic missiles this month, Iraqi and Turkish officials say.

The UN condemns attack on civilian facilities in Riadh

UNITED NATIONS (Times Of Ocean)- UN chief Antonio Guterres on Saturday condemned the attacks on civilian facilities in Saudi Arabia.

Iran dismisses Saudi-Kuwait gas field deal

Tehran (Times Of Ocean)- Iran has rejected an agreement between Gulf neighbors Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to develop an offshore gas field as "illegal", saying it must be included in the agreement.

Yemeni migrants in dire need of assistance: IOM

Sanaa (Times Of Ocean)- The International Organization for Migration (IOM) warned on Saturday that almost 190,000 migrants in war-torn Yemen need assistance.

Iran bathes square in light, showing Houthis leaders

Tehran (Times Of Ocean)- The Islamic authorities in Iran have bathed Tehran's Azadi [Freedom] Square in a light projection, showing the faces of leaders of Houthi terrorist group.

BREAKING: Iran-backed Houthis attack on Aramco

Middle East (Times Of Ocean)- Initial reports based on video circulating on social networks indicate that Iran-backed Houthis attack on a Saudi Aramco facility in Jeddah.

Germany has no plans to develop supersonic weapons

Berlin (Times Of Ocean)- Germany says it does not currently have a plan to produce supersonic weapons.

Crew members rescued after UAE ship sinks off Iranian coast

Tehran (Times Of Ocean)- An Emirati cargo ship has capsized in Persian Gulf waters off Iran's coast, triggering a search and rescue operation in heavy seas that recovered all but one of its 30 crew members, according to the state-run Iranian media.

Iran executed at least 280 people in 2021: UN

New York (Times Of Ocean)- Iran executed at least 280 people in 2021, according to a report published by the UN special rapporteur on the country. At least 10 of those executed were women, but an Iranian official called the report "biased and politically motivated."

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