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Monday, March 27, 2023

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Zelensky BEGS Corporate America For MORE WEAPONS As US Pushes For Peace Talks

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss the status of Russia-Ukraine peace negotiations. About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning show with bipartisan hosts...

Bush Says Iraq Instead Of Ukraine In MASSIVE Freudian Slip, Users Cite Curb Your Enthusiasm In GAFFE

Briahna Joy Gray, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave react to former President George W. Bush's apparent 'Freudian slip' when denouncing Russia's invasion of Ukraine. About...

US EXPANSIONIST Goal To 'Weaken Russia' Mirrors DANGEROUS Tactics In Afghanistan: Dr. Trita Parsi

Dr. Trita Parsi makes the case that U.S. policy objectives in Eastern Europe have become expansive rather than defensive. About Rising: Rising is a weekday...

Ryan Grim: Putin Is Now The Global BAD GUY. One Good US Move In Afghanistan Can Keep It That Way

Ryan Grim makes the case that now, more than ever, the U.S. should return all seized funds to the Afghan Central Bank. Russian President Vladimir...

Biden SLAMMED For Camp David Visit Amid Russia-Ukraine Escalation, HAUNTED By Afghanistan Withdrawal

Team Rising discuss comparisons of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan to the current debacle in Ukraine. About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning show...

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