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EU officially adopts sixth sanctions package against Russia

Brussels (The Times Groupe)- As the war in Ukraine continues, the European Union adopted its sixth sanctions package against Russia on Friday.

EU foreign ministers meet amid tensions over 6th sanctions package

Brussels (The Times Groupe)- The European Union's foreign affairs ministers met on Monday amid tensions over the proposed oil embargo as part of the...

Ukraine bid to join EU will take decades: Macron

Moscow (The Times Groupe)- French President Emmanuel Macron says it will take decades for Ukraine to join the European Union.

New EU sanctions to hit Russian oil, target more banks

Brussels (The Times Groupe)- The European Union will slap new sanctions on Russia for waging war against Ukraine, targeting its oil industry, more Russian banks, and those responsible for misinformation, the EU's top diplomat said Tuesday.

Ukraine aid ‘price tag’ is too high: Sen. Marshall

Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kans., argues the U.S. needs to be more ‘resourceful’ in using sanctions to combat Russia, urges the E.U. to do more...

This is right out of the Russian playbook: Kirby

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby says Putin knows he’s weaker than before his invasion of Ukraine on ‘Your World.’ #FoxNews #YourWorld Subscribe to Fox News!...

Russia expels Dutch, Belgian diplomats in retaliatory act

Moscow (Times Of Ocean)- As part of the tit-for-tat diplomatic fallout of the Ukraine war, Russia on Tuesday declared 15 Dutch diplomats and an unspecified number of Belgians persona non grata, effectively expelling them.

EU sanctions head of Russian mercenary group Wagner

Europe (Times Of Ocean)- The European Union on Thursday has blacklisted the head of the Wagner Group for actions that violate Ukraine's territorial integrity.

Greece seizes Russian tanker as part of EU sanctions against Russia

Athens (Times Of Ocean) - A Russian tanker was impounded off the island of Evia by the Greek coastguard on Tuesday, as part of sanctions imposed by the European Union on Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine.

Germany could lose $240 billion if Russian energy were cut

London (Times Of Ocean)- The German economy would plunge into recession if its supply of Russian natural gas was abruptly interrupted, top economists warned on Wednesday.

NATO Plans 'FULL-SCALE' Military Presence At Ukraine Border, BEEFS UP Weapons Shipments

Kim Iversen and Robby Soave discuss the latest NATO arms export to Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks during an interview with The Associated Press...

Slovakia: S300 air defense systems heading to Ukraine

Bratislava (Times Of Ocean)- Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad says the United States will deploy a Patriot air defense system in the coming weeks as Bratislava donated S300 air defence system to Ukraine.

EU froze $32B in Russian, Belarusian assets over Ukraine war

Brussels (Times Of Ocean)- The European Union has frozen nearly 30 billion euros worth of assets seized from blacklisted Russian and Belarusian individuals and firms as part of sanctions imposed over Moscow's offensive in Ukraine.

EU adopts 5th package of sanctions on Moscow

Brussels (Times Of Ocean)- The European Union has enacted its fifth package of sanctions against Russia for its war on Ukraine, banning coal imports and Russian trucks from entering Europe.

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