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Russia earns $98B from fuel exports in first 100 days of Ukraine war

Moscow (The Times Groupe)- Russia has earned billions from energy exports as Russian fossil fuel exports totaled $98 billion during the first 100 days of invasion in Ukraine, most of it going to the European Union.

Oil up over rising demand in China versus tight supply fears

World (The Times Groupe)- Oil prices rose on Tuesday due to tight supply concerns as Chinese demand is likely to rebound from COVID19 restrictions, while OPEC+ output levels are believed to fall short of demand.

Russia’s Lavrov forced to cancel Serbia visit due to flight ban

Belgrade (The Times Groupe)- The Russian foreign minister has been forced to cancel a two-day visit to Serbia after Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria closed their airspace to his plane, reports said Sunday.

Russia to shut off gas to Finland from Saturday: Gasum

Helsinki (The Times Groupe)- Russia may have made its first retaliatory move against Finland after Helsinki officially applied to join NATO.

Russia says sanctions will not affect gas payments from Europe, bringing down gas prices

Europe (The Times Groupe)- The price of natural gas per megawatt-hour in Europe decreased by 4.3% on Tuesday amid reports that Russia told European buyers that they could pay for gas without violating sanctions.

EU given Russia €35 billion since beginning of the war

Strasbourg (Times Of Ocean)- European foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said Wednesday Europe had sent President Vladimir Putin a total of €35 billion since the beginning of the conflict in February. He has proposed doubling the amount allocated by the EU for weapons and other aid to Ukraine.

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