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Saturday, April 1, 2023

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Retired Lt. General grades Putin's results on the battlefield

President Joe Biden has delivered a stark warning about the dangers behind Russian President Vladimir Putin's nuclear threats as Moscow continues to face military...

Retired colonel shows on map how Ukraine can cut off the Russian army

Retired Air Force Col. Cedric Leighton tells CNN's Don Lemon why Ukrainian military advances in the south and east are important in the fight...

Retired Colonel: It's game over here if Russians do this

CNN military analyst Col. Cedric Leighton (Ret.) explains why Russian forces are targeting Ukraine's railway infrastructure in the Dnipro region. #CedricLeighton #DonLemonTonight #Ukraine source

Soldier held prisoner for 17 days reveals what Russian soldiers said

CNN's Nick Paton Walsh sits down with Ukrainian Marine Hlib Stryzhko who was fighting for Mariupol before Russia held him for 17 days. #CNN...

How Putin got it so wrong in Ukraine

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria reveals what he says are Russian President Vladimir Putin’s key miscalculations about Ukraine ahead of committing his military to invade. #CNN...

'Huge tragedy for us': Kremlin admits 'significant' Russian troop losses in Ukraine

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov briefly admitted that Russia had suffered a "significant" loss of its troops in Ukraine, calling the casualties "a huge tragedy"...

Russia is focusing on Eastern Ukraine. Retired general explains how to stop them

Former NATO Supreme Allied Supreme Commander Gen. Wesley Clark explains what Russia's objectives are in Eastern Ukraine and how Ukrainian forces can stop them....

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