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Ukrainian troops push back Russian advance in eastern city

Kyiv (The Times Groupe)- Ukraine said it has recaptured a chunk of the factory city of Sievierodonetsk, which was the focus of a Russian offensive to take the eastern Donbas region, and could hold it for up to two weeks as fighting resumed on Saturday.

Kim Iversen: Bucha Was A BRITISH 'Special Op’ & Ukraine Peace Talks Are DEAD, According To Putin

Kim Iversen breaks down President Putin's latest comments on the war in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers his speech at a rocket assembly shop...

Russia dispatches Syrians to fight in Ukraine

London (Times Of Ocean)- Russia has allegedly sent Syrian mercenaries to Ukraine fighting on behalf of Moscow for US$6,5000 a month (£5,000), BBC has learned.

Russia to send more proxies to Ukraine: Reports

Kyiv (Times Of Ocean)- More proxies and militants are expected to send to help Russian troops in Ukraine.

Euronews is banned in Russia

Moscow (Times Of Ocean)- The Russian media authority has taken Euronews off the air and blocked its websites in Russia along with other international news outlets.

Russia, Ukraine agree to set up evacuation corridors

Russian and Ukrainian officials say they have agreed to create humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians as the war in Ukraine enters its second week. Negotiations...

Russian forces closing in on Ukraine's capital

As armoured vehicles keep pouring into Ukraine, Russian forces are getting closer to the capital, Kyiv. Millions of Ukrainians have fled to the western city...

Russia's Ukraine war enters civilian homes

The Kremlin says its forces are only attacking military targets in Ukraine, but in war seldom are such lines so distinct. Mothers with newborns hide...

State Department Highlights Key Sanctions Targeting Putin, Russia and Belarus Amid Ukraine Invasion

State Department Press Secretary Ned Price took questions from reporters Monday as the West looks to deter the escalating Russian invasion of Ukraine. READ MORE:...

Russia-Ukraine: Is Russia’s invasion going to plan?

Russia continues to advance into Ukraine, but experts say it’s been met with heavy resistance and logistical problems. We look at what’s happened so...

Ukraine agrees to meet with Russians at Belarus border

A Ukrainian delegation has agreed to meet with Russians at Belarus border, according to Ukrainian President Zelensky’s office. source

'The Five' goes over the 'worst case scenario' for US in Russia-Ukraine tensions

'The Five' reacts to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News! https://bit.ly/2vaBUvAS Watch more Fox News Video: http://video.foxnews.com Watch Fox News Channel Live: http://www.foxnewsgo.com/ FOX...

CNN military analyst breaks down Russia's Ukraine strategy

Retired Major General James "Spider" Marks explains the origins of the current Russia-Ukraine crisis and the military strategies at play today. #CNN #News source

Russia-Ukraine crisis: Belarus warns it could host nuclear weapons

Belarus is ready to host nuclear weapons if threatened from the West. That is the warning from President Alexander Lukashenko, as he visited a training...

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