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Russia dispatches Syrians to fight in Ukraine

EditorialRussia dispatches Syrians to fight in Ukraine

London (Times Of Ocean)- Russia has allegedly sent Syrian mercenaries to Ukraine fighting on behalf of Moscow for US$6,5000 a month (£5,000), BBC has learned.
Kremlin has carried out a mass massacre in Ukraine, but it was also helping poor Syrians who cannot afford food and commodities, a Syrian fighter told BBC.
He says that his family is reluctant to do so, but he has been forced to move to Ukraine to make ends meet.
The fighter says he knows at least 200 people who are served fighting for Russia in Ukraine.
According to Ukrainian officials, there are about 14 logistic support centers throughout Syria to dispatch troops to Ukraine.
As reported by Times Of Ocean (TO) in late March, more proxies and militants are expected to assist Russian troops in Ukraine.
Hezbollah and Russian Private Military Company Wagner have agreed to send at least 800 Syrian mercenaries to fight with Russians in Ukraine.
Shiite extremists of Hezbollah, selected from veterans of the Syrian war, are now fighting among the ranks of the Russians in Ukraine after the Chechens.
The first 200 recruits from the Al-Abbas and Al-Radwan battalions are set to arrive in the combat zone on Tuesday, 29 March. The troops have already been dispatched from Damascus to a military airbase in Gomel, Belarus.
A group of 1,300 Wagner mercenaries from Libya also have been set to help Russian forces in Ukraine, news releases unfolded earlier.
According to a Libyan security analyst, approximately 1,300 mercenaries from the Wagner Group have been moved from Libya to Ukraine.
In Libya, there were 2,200 Wagner militants. Adel Abdel-Kafi, a military and security expert, told Anadolu Agency that Russia withdrew 1,300 troops and left just 900 behind.
Wagner paramilitaries were removed from their posts along a highway connecting Sirte and Jafra in central Libya, he added.
Abdel-Kafi said the Russian private military group increasingly recruits fighters from African nations, including Mali, Chad, and Sudan.
According to the UN, the Wagner Group has been in Libya since October 2018 to support Khalifa Haftar, who has been fighting Libya’s legitimate government for control of the North African country.
Wagner is not the first to claim involvement in Russia’s war on Ukraine, which started Feb. 24 and entered its second month.
Ihor Ostash, Ukraine’s ambassador to Lebanon, accused Russia of sending 400 Wagner mercenaries to Kyiv to kill political leaders and other top officials just days after the war began.
The group has also been targeted in the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia.
UK sanctions targeted the Wagner Group, multiple defense companies, and Russian Railways, according to a statement from the British government.

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