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Russia claims it has killed 180 foreign in Liviv

Russia Ukraine WarRussia claims it has killed 180 foreign in Liviv

Kyiv (Times Of Ocean)- The Russian military claims to have hit a training center, neutralizing 80 foreign mercenaries in Ukraine.

The Defense Ministry says 61 Ukrainian servicemen surrendered after a command post was captured in the suburbs of Kyiv.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday that it had struck a training center for “foreign mercenaries and nationalists units” in Ukraine’s Rivne Oblast and neutralized over 80 mercenaries.

On March 21, a facility for training foreign mercenaries and Ukrainian nationalist formations, located at the Nova Lyubomirka training ground in Rivne Oblast, was attacked by high-precision cruise missiles.

“Over 80 mercenaries and nationalists were neutralized. Also, an ammunition depot and a command point of a mechanized infantry near Selets settlement were hit with high-precision cruise missiles from the air,” the ministry’s spokesman Igor Konashenkov said at a daily briefing in Moscow.

Besides the command point of Ukraine’s armed forces, the Russian military also captured a settlement in the suburbs of Kyiv, Konashenkov said.

Konashenkov said: “61 Ukrainian servicemen of the control center voluntarily surrendered, and more than half of them are senior officers of the armed forces of Ukraine.”

In addition, the Russian armed forces took control of the Solodke settlement in the Donetsk region and continued crushing nationalist groups in Donbas, he said.

A group of “night hunters” consisting of Ka-52 and Mi-28N helicopters destroyed eight tanks, four infantry fighting vehicles, and three armored personnel carriers during night strikes, Konashenkov said.

44 facilities of Ukraine’s military were struck by tactical and army aviation during the night, including four command posts, two installations of multiple rocket launchers near Nalivaykivka and Zolochiv, six Buk M-1 air defense systems, three Msta-B artillery guns in the Vyshhorod area, and four warehouses containing rocket and artillery weapons and ammunition, as well as 23 places of military equipment accumulation.

“And also, 216 unmanned aerial vehicles, 180 air defense systems, 1,506 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 152 multiple rocket launchers, 592 field artillery, and mortar guns, as well as 1,284 units of special military vehicles have been destroyed,” the spokesman said.

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