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Macron does not want populists and xenophobes as allies

PoliticsMacron does not want populists and xenophobes as allies

Paris (Times Of Ocean)- After winning the country’s first round of presidential elections Sunday, the French President Emmanuel Macron said he did not want a France dominated by international populists and xenophobes.

During an event in Paris following the announcement of the exit polls, Macron made the statement.

He thanked Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, the candidate of France’s Socialist Party (PS), Valerie Pecresse, the candidate of the center-right Republican Party, and Fabien Roussel, the presidential candidate of the French Communist Party, for their support in the first round, he said “Let’s not deceive ourselves It is clear that nothing is settled and the debate that will take place over the next few days will be crucial for our country and for Europe.”

“Macron says France should be part of a strong Europe”

“I don’t want a France which, having left Europe, would have as its only allies the international populists and xenophobes,” he said, referring to far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, who finished second in the polls.

“That is not us. I want a France faithful to humanism, to the spirit of enlightenment,” he added.

Furthermore, Macron pointed out that France should be independent in the fields of economy, climate, and agriculture.

Sunday marked the first round of France’s presidential election.

According to an IPSOS exit poll for France24 news, Macron received 28.1% of the vote against Le Pen’s 23.3%. Polling firm Elabe’s estimates for BFMTV and l’Express showed Macron at 28.5% and Le Pen at 24.2%.

Both Macron and Le Pen have fared better than in 2017, when Macron achieved 24.01% of the vote to Le Pen’s 21.30%.

On April 24, Macron and Le Pen will face off in a second round.

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