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Finland’s brewery launches NATO branded beer

EconomyFinland's brewery launches NATO branded beer

Helsinki (The Times Groupe)- The Savonlinna brewery has decided to launch NATO branded beer.

As Finland begins the process of applying for NATO membership, a small brewery has launched a beer with the NATO logo.

With the Nato compass symbol emblazoned across the beer’s blue label, dubbed OTAN (the French variation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization), the figure wearing a metal armour suit appears to be holding a drink.

At least in terms of marketing, the beverage is manufactured by Savonlinna-based Olaf Brewing.

“It didn’t take much daring for us to take such a step, the company’s CEO said. “We haven’t spoken a lot about politics in the past, but now the majority of Finns are behind the Nato decision. Therefore, we took a step, and it didn’t take much daring at all, we just decided to do it,” Petteri Vänttinen said.

NATO-branded beer had been considered for some time, but the final decision was made over the weekend, as Finland officially applied for membership in the alliance.

“We wouldn’t have done it unless we felt it was beneficial to Finland and Finnish security,” Vänttinen commented, noting how small breweries can make quick decisions.

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