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EU given Russia €35 billion since beginning of the war

Russia Ukraine WarEU given Russia €35 billion since beginning of the war

Strasbourg (Times Of Ocean)- European foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said Wednesday Europe had sent Russian President Vladimir Putin a total of €35 billion since the beginning of the war in February. Since the start of the war on February 24, the EU has provided 35 billion euros to Russia for energy supplies. He has proposed doubling the amount allocated by the EU for weapons and other aid to Ukraine.

Josep Borrell told the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday morning that the EU needs to put “more pressure on Russia and arm Ukraine more.”

“We have to help them defend themselves,” he added. “We have given Ukraine €1 billion — it might seem a lot, but a billion euro is what we pay Putin every day for the energy he provides us.”

Without mentioning China, Borrell went on to explain that many emerging economies were not only “sitting on the fence” but were actually supporting Russia in its offensive against Ukraine.

Further, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen urged Beijing to clarify its stance regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Nobody can be neutral when faced with such naked aggression against civilians,” she added.

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, also said sanctions against Russian oil and gas will have to be implemented “sooner or later,” as the EU continues to hedge against banning Russian energy purchases in full.

Meanwhile, EU ambassadors are meeting Wednesday in Brussels to approve a fifth sanctions package that bans Russian coal, but does not ban Russian oil and gas.

“We cannot continue financing the Putin system that is waging this horrible war,” Weber added. “we are ready to move quickly with further coordinated robust sanctions.”

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