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Elon Musk challenges Russian President Putin to a fight

Russia Ukraine WarElon Musk challenges Russian President Putin to a fight

Califirnia (Times Of Ocean)- SpaceX founder Elon Musk has challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to a fight, Musk tweeted Monday.

“I hereby challenge Vladimir Putin to single combat,” Tesla Motors Chief wrote on Twitter. “Stakes are Ukraine,” he continued tweeting, writing the country’s name in its language.

By mentioning the Kremlin’s English official account, he continued in Russian, saying, “Do you agree to this fight?” .

In late February, Musk activated SpaceX’s Starlink (satellite internet constellation) in Ukraine. In addition, he has repeatedly expressed his support for Ukraine on social media since Moscow invaded Ukraine.

UN estimates that Russia’s war on Ukraine has caused more than 2.69 million people to flee to other countries. At least 596 civilians have also been killed and 1,067 injured in Ukraine, it said.

Many companies and international brands have also suspended operations in Russia as a result of sanctions imposed by the EU, US, and others.

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