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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

CIA: China serves as Putin’s ‘silent partner’ in Ukraine

PoliticsCIA: China serves as Putin's 'silent partner' in Ukraine

Washington (Times Of Ocean)- The Chinese are acting as Putin’s “silent partner” in his war against Ukraine, the CIA Director William Burns said.

‘Ukrainian will is unbroken, and Putin’s Russia has inflicted massive … damage on itself,’ says William Burns.

Burns did not elaborate on China’s support in his first public address since taking over the CIA’s top job, but said Beijing presents the CIA with “the most profound test” it has faced in its 75-year history, “lacking in neither ambition nor capability.”

“It seeks to overtake us in literally every domain, from economic strength to military power, and from space to cyberspace,” he said. “As an intelligence service, we have never had to deal with an adversary with more reach in more domains.”

CIA’s William Burns compared Russia’s offensive against Ukraine “sadly reminiscent” of the 1994-1995 Battle of Grozny, where Russian forces brutally encircled the Chechen capital, leveling dozens of square blocks.

“But Ukrainian will is unbroken, and Putin’s Russia has inflicted massive material and reputational damage on itself,” he said.

China has repeatedly been criticized for refusing to condemn Russia’s offensive against Ukraine, and vocally warned Beijing not to provide the Kremlin with military support for that offensive.

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